SPHE & RSE Programme

Introductory Statement

Ballymakenny College is an equality based, co-educational, child-centred, democratically run post primary school located in Drogheda since 2014. The school is under the joint trusteeship of LMETB and Educate Together. We, as a school, strive to prepare students for living morally and ethically.

Social, Personal and Health Education

Junior Cycle SPHE
The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is currently working on updating the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum from primary through to senior cycle education. The new Junior Cycle SPHE course will be introduced in schools in September 2023.


Transition Year SPHE Overview

The TY SPHE program is built on 5 modules, Self Management, Substance Use, Physical activity and Nutrition, Relationships and Sexuality , Mental health and wellbeing. Students receive one hour a week of SPHE as part of their Wellbeing Curriculum.


Senior Cycle SPHE Overview

Among the aims of senior cycle education is to contribute to the personal well-being of the learner and to their quality of life now and in the future, in particular their capacity to establish and sustain caring relationships with family, friends and other people. Students in senior cycle are poised at the interface between the close of formal compulsory schooling and the world of work, further education and independent living.


Relationships and Sexuality (RSE) Policy

Ballymakenny College is committed to the holistic development of all its students. Students who attend Ballymakenny College will be encouraged to reach their full potential mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially, in an atmosphere in which they feel safe, valued and secure and in which respect for themselves and one another is the standard.

Ballymakenny College is committed to the delivery of a quality experience in RSE as part of the SPHE course in each year group. The programme delivered will provide students with the unique opportunity to develop the skills and competences to learn about themselves and others. It will also equip them with the skills needed to make informed decisions about their physical and mental health, personal lives and social development.


RSE in Cú Chulainn

As part of Ballymakenny College RSE policy, Ballymakennny College is committed to teaching Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) for all students. In Cú Chulainn, RSE is delivered to students based on their emotional, social and cognitive ability to understand the content. Parental permission is given prior to delivery.

Personal Care & RSE

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