Friends Review

This is my review for iconic American comedic sitcom Friends.
Friends Review


Genre: Comedy, Sitcom

Rating: *****
Main Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow

Widely regarded as the greatest and most iconic comedy sitcom of all time, Friends follows the lives of great friends including a runaway bride Rachel, an OCD freak Monica, a hopeless romantic Ross, an excentric and strange Phoebe, a somewhat slow but smart at the same time Joey, and a very sarcastic, awkward Chandler.

Friends' main plot point revolves around this big group of great friends which later down the line sparks emotional friendships and interesting romances while keeping it hilarious all throughout the 10 seasons. Mainly the whole series is centered around Ross' failed marraige and his new love interest in Rachel, which also exsited when the two of them were in college. In my opinion Friends keeps its charm throughout the whole 10 seasons by throwing out classic episodes back to back to back. Friends was an important part of peoples lives during the 90's, so I am glad the series is still as popular as it was then, especially now it remains on Netflix.

In conclusion Friends will always remain one of my all time favourite shows of all time.

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