TY Work Experience Documents

TY Work Experience Documents

Host Employers Guidance Leaflet

Work Placement Summary Sheet

State Indemnity Confirmation Statement for Ballymakenny College

Since 2014, work experience placements which are approved by the Board of Management are State indemnified and are no longer conventionally insured.

The general duty of care which Schools owe to their students extends to the arranging of work experience placements and Schools have a responsibility to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety of its students while on work experience. Placements should be risk assessed to ensure that the placement(s) and the associated activities are suitable for the student in question.

For the TY students of 2020/21 it is time to start thinking about work experience placements.
There are 2 blocks and the dates are: 9-13 November 2020 and 8-12 March 2021.
Please start making inquiries as soon as possible as many work places fill up quickly with TY students. If you have any queries please contact
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