Child Protection Procedures 2023-2024

Child Protection Procedure 2023-2024


​All of us who are involved in working with children and young people have a duty to do our utmost to ensure their protection and welfare. This responsibility is taken very seriously by our school and there is a very strong culture of child protection within the school.

The recent publication of the updated Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children and the full commencement of the Children First Act 2015 are important milestones in the State’s child protection arrangements and require all of us to place a renewed focus on child protection.

The Department of Education is responsible for developing and implementing child protection procedures for schools based on the Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017.

The Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools (revised 2023) aims to give direction to school management and staff regarding the identification of and response to child protection concerns and the process for continued support of the child.

The purpose of these procedures is to give clear direction and guidance to school management and school personnel in relation to meeting the new statutory obligations under the Children First Act, 2015 and in the continued implementation within the school setting of the best practice guidance set out in the updated Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children.

With the introduction of the Department of Education & Skills Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools revised in 2023 we in Ballymakenny College reviewed our policy and procedures. The revised policy and procedure is available on this website and by request from the General Office.

It has and continues to be a requirement for schools to appoint a Designated Liaison person (DLP) and a Deputy Designated Liaison Person (DDLP). Their role is to be responsible for ensuring that reporting procedures are followed i.e. that child welfare and protection concerns are referred promptly to Tusla. Tusla is the organisation tasked with promoting the welfare of children who are at risk of not receiving adequate care and protection.
In Ballymakenny College the DLP is the Principal, Alan Mynes and the DDLP is the Deputy Principal, Caroline Toole.
More information on Child Protection Procedures is available at:
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