A girl named Carey is framed for something she didn't do. Will anybody believe her?

Title:"SweetFreak" By Sophie McKenzie.

Reviewed by Patrycja Baranowska.

Genre: Crime and romance.
Star rating: * * * * *
Recommend for: Teenager and young adults.

Brief overview: "SweetFreak" is set in a secondary school. It is a book about revenge and hate. The book starts with the the main characters, Carey, best friend ,Amelia, getting cyber bullied by a user named SweetFreak. Amelia is devestated that this is happening. Later that day, the police gets involved saying that Carey is one of the main suspects of the messages and being accused of being SweetFreak herself. All evidents points to her. What will happen when nobody believes she's innocent except herself? Will she be able to find out who SweetFreak is and clear her good name?

Characters: Carey is the main character in the book "SweetFreak". She has a big sister named Poppy and a younger brother named Jamie. She is very popular in her own school and very liked. She keeps a lot of her opinions to herself. She dislikes love or relationships very much. She thinks relationships cloud your vision.

Amelia is Careys best friend. She moved to Careys school a year when the book was set. Amelia is very talkative and very self centered. She likes to be the center of attention. Her family is very rich but she barely sees her mom and dad because of work. She had a boyfriend named Taylor.

Poppy is the big sister of Carey. Poppy is the oldest of the family. She is 18 years old. She is very stubborn when she wants to be. She is very mature and knows when she has done something wrong.

Setting: In this book, the setting is of a secondary school. There is a lot of bullying in this school. Teachers dont seem to care about the students all that much.

Last words: I really liked this book. It was really good for changing your opinion of a character. One minute you could hate a character and the next you are fond of the character and you sympathize with the character.

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